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****BK & Queen Dyna Best New Vid of The Year “Stick Ya Self” *****

BK & Queen Dyna debuts “Stick Ya Self” !! It’s a music video with movie like qualities ! We set out to create a musical piece that was both high-quality in sound & cinematic perception.   The music video comes with a terrific story line that begins with a guy name “Tony”  stealing & shopping the “Master Recordings” of  Paystyle Records Inc. to the highest paying investor. I won’t spill all of the tea…Click on the video & see what happens next as BK & Queen Dyna perform & entertain you with “Stick Ya Self” !!

BK-“No Pain” (Official Music Video)


Heeey … It’s Friday the 13th & the wait is finally over !! The hot new hip-hop compilation that’s titled ‘UNCENSORED UNRELEASED & UNLEASHED EP’ is available today. It’s comprised of 7 tracks that are sure to get the blood flowing and toes tapping.  Some critics debate that the  ‘UNCENSORED UNRELEASED & UNLEASHED EP’  is Paystyle Records Inc. latest and greatest musical work. That’s saying a lot considering the fact that the Detroit based record label is coming off of a great 2 year run with their last release ‘Time Is Money The Mixtape’.  The independent release is a perfect demonstration of well crafted hip-hop lyrics & back-breaking beats that mostly all rap consumers love. And i must mention that it’s very explicit. The kids gotta get their parents permission for this 1.  The artists really put their foot into this as they always do!  The featured artists are BK, Queen Dyna, B-Nell, Page 1, Sala and Killa Smuv.   The EP is being made available by 100% digital distribution download !!  And for a limited time only,  Paystyle Records Inc. has put a special offer on the table for it’s existing email subscribers.  Individuals who purchase a copy of the ‘Time Is Money’ mixtape will receive a copy of  ‘UNCENSORED UNRELEASED & UNLEASHED EP’  for free.  So in other words you get two albums for the price of one. That’s a super-sweet deal just in time for Christmas day!! Don’t miss it!! In order to take advantage of this special limited time offer go to and enter your name and email address.  Stay tuned. The fun has just begun …

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Queen Dyna is your artist’s artist. I mean she really loves what she does !  She’s the kind of rapper that will compose a song , record & perform it all in a day’s work.  It’s exactly because of this work ethic is the reason of her being published in the Guiness Book of World Records 2010.  More of Dyna’s awesome portfolio consists of being a featured artist on the release titled Time Is Money The Mixtape and she’s also a published artist on MTV.COM.   She’s currently in the studio cooking with grease ! So stay tuned for her new release set to come out very soon.  And in the meantime give your ears a treat and press play on the “Momma” song. It’s FIRE!!! & for a limited time it’s absolutely free to download !!!!

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Featured Artist : The N Croud

The NCroud is a rap group formed by Bk, Pdot, and Phil The Foulmouth.  All three members were born & raised in the city of Detroit, Mi. Paystyle Records Inc. signed the rap group because of their hard-hitting punch lines, true lyrics, clever choruses, and customized deliveries that they apply to their music.  The NCroud has been working very deligently toward the launch of their sophomore mixtape “Time Is Money” due to come out Nov. 25th, 2011 “Black Friday”.  The title track “What It Is Now” is a proven club banger, and can be purchased & downloaded right here & right now !! The NCroud is dedicated to supplying good music & entertainment to their fans & followers so stay tuned , and don’t change the channel !

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