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hottest Nesw from paystyle


Queen Dyna is your artist’s artist. I mean she really loves what she does ! She’s the kind of rapper that will compose a song , record & perform it all in a day’s work


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Featured Artist : The N Croud

The NCroud is a rap group formed by Bk, Pdot, and Phil The Foulmouth.  All three members were born & raised in the city of Detroit, Mi. Paystyle Records Inc. signed the rap group because of their hard-hitting punch lines, true lyrics, clever choruses, and customized deliveries that they apply to their music.  The NCroud has been working very deligently toward the launch of their sophomore mixtape “Time Is Money” due to come out Nov. 25th, 2011 “Black Friday”.  The title track “What It Is Now” is a proven club banger, and can be purchased & downloaded right here & right now !! The NCroud is dedicated to supplying good music & entertainment to their fans & followers so stay tuned , and don’t change the channel !

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